CATI SUSANNA, born in Rieti lived and worked for many years in Perugia. Artist path absolutely continuous personal enrichment, marks the experience a continuous passage of growth-cultural design. Starting from classical studies, he obtained his Bachelor's degree at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome and enriched from the start, the experience in the fashion industry, cooperating with each other, with John Licheri in the preparation of props theater to theater in Argentina Rome, not forgetting at the same time the oil painting and the portrait. The collaboration with the director John Licheri in the preparation of theatrical props at the Teatro Argentina in Rome, as well as experience as an assistant and freelance style, both for major companies such as Team Umbria, Le Sportsac and Mastro Raphael, happily match creativity textile which he graduated engineer in 1992. His creative textile located in the following years the expressive figure Alei more congenial in the carpet (as in the tapestry) made his own design in a unique tufting technique, or with more traditional techniques also helped by expert collaborators. Since 1996 began the design and manufacture of carpets and tapestries of its design, as well as the creation of a letdown. Unique pieces designed and rigorously made from natural materials that offer an insight into the extraordinary expressive possibilities that the carpets offer an endless variation of color in the lower atmosphere and the sensitivity of the environment and the people who receive them. They are definitely a number of exhibitions in which it participates, with their own "personal" in Perugia in central Italy, in the Veneto and Campania, taking advantage of significant awards from magazines. Textile accessories of furniture with a strong personal stamp (sun?) And "Underground Guidesunprecedented project and place mats, still continue to mark new results of his artistic career - professional. This activity combines his work as a painter, "unusual", 2001 is taught at the high school 1st and 2nd degree in Design and Art History  

2018 geometrie/antique ,vintage and contempoary rugs  
2017 Newcastle(UK) Nasty women april 2017  
2017 HIC ET NUNC  
2017 HORTUS /HORTI 29 Settembre 1 Ottobre 2017  
2017 Land Art al Furlo 25/8-25/9 2017  
2017 Milano" wounds lacerations cracks" may 2017  
2017 Milano"redefine jewelery" 22/28 marzo2017  
2016 caffè letterario- i like a mestizo world  
2016 i like a mestizo world  
2016 street art Rivodutri contemporanea  
2016 fashion and embroidery Rosignano Monferrato  
2016 Emotional rescue a Colle di Tora (Rieti) Italy  
2016 emotional rescue a Rieti Italy  
2016 emotiona Rescue ad Assisi Italy  
2016 Winterblooming Perugia Italy  
2015 The music of my life MILANO  
2015 linum animae Perugia  
2015 Linum animae da Cummia  
2014 Convivio con l'Arte ( Perugia)Italia  
2014 Multipli  
2014 foyer teatro Morlacchi Perugia  
2013 "Mapps in the Box"Studio Spazio Arte - Rieti  
2012 Icon Perugia Italy  
2012 collettiva "Incontri col divino" Convento Santa Croce-Sant'Anatolia di Narco(PG).  
2012 Personale "Nemeton" Galleria d’Arte e Arte applicata –Spello (PG)  
2012 Perugia - Perugia" LOVE DESIGN"  
2012 Personale 24/11/12 Perugia "LOVE DESIGN"  
2011 Personale "Esodo" Ex Monte di Pietà- Spoleto
2011 Personale "NIDI" Studio7 –Rieti a cura di B.Pavan
2011 Collettiva "Trame" Libreria Moderna - Rieti a cura di Barbara Pavan
2010 "Mangia le prugne" Artisti uniti per un progetto-Fondazione per la ricerca sulla Fibrosi cistica.  
2010 Collettiva "Pizzi e Web" donne protagoniste nella bottega web virtuale Milano  
2010 Collettiva "Materie" Galleria Masenzio Roma – Incontrieventi  
2009 Personale "NATURE" Galleria Giardini D’Arte .Abano Terme (PD)  
2007 personale "I COLORI DEL BIANCO" Manidesign - Napoli  
2006 Personale "Giardini D'arte" Abano Terme (Padova)  
2005 Personale "EMOZIONI FUSION" Mandarini Arredamenti (Perugia)  
2004 Loggia dei Lanari (Perugia)  
2003 chiesa della Misericordia (Perugia)  
2002 Personale "Segni" Textile ArtGallery (Perugia)  
2001 Trame D'Umbria -MACEF (Milano)  
1999 Trame D'Arte Rassegna d'arte contemporanea -Corciano(PG)  
1998 Personale Festival Dei Due mondi (Spoleto)  
1996 "Collettiva" sala Esposizioni Rocca Paolina(PG)  
1995 Personale Corciano(Perugia)  
1994 "Country Stile" Todi(Perugia)  
1994 Personale Corciano (PG)  
1993 Personale Contigliano (Rieti)  
Tutte le opere sono state progettate da SUSANNA CATI e ne č vietata la riproduzione senza l'autorizzazione dell'autrice. Per le foto si ringrazia STUDIO MEDICI e BARBARA STAVEL